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NaNoWriMo Progress!

I'm doing pretty well so far! 13046 words total, I wrote a LOT today. I'm trying to keep ahead of what's actually required so I'll be more likely to finish even if there are days like Friday where I don't meet my goal. It's not all written in order, so I'll have to rearrange and combine things later, but with Scrivener that's a simple drag & drop operation so no biggie. I'd have given up on day 1 if I'd had to use a word processor. I don't even HAVE a word processing app since my OpenOffice stopped working a while back. I realized today that the guy my main character is supposed to meet soon is actually a pretty huge part of the story, and I'm probably going to need to work in some early chapters of him before they meet so it will make sense, so I wrote a scene for him today.

What started out as a non-doll-character story has turned out to have 3 current dolls and one on the wishlist in it so far, and I know what doll the protagonist would be if I were to dollify her. Oh well. Whatever works! It helps me to know what the characters look like, at least.

Trying to post a widget, hope it works:

And yay for falling back! Extra hour in the day is awesome. I always say I'm going to use it to sleep extra but never do. But today I slept ridiculously late already so maybe I'll use it for cleaning, or for writing, or something.


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