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Work has been totally insane. The first two days of the week I was the only one in my department (like all last week) so I expected it - but it didn't let up when my co-worker came back. I've taken lunch ONCE this week, and that only because I absolutely had to go to the post office that day. Every job that's come in has been big, complicated, and/or a rush job... and there's another major rush job coming in piecemeal that will have to be done next week. I'm glad we're busy, it's just a little frustrating having barely any time to breathe.

On the plus side, all my current faceup commissions are DONE! Half are shipped, half are shipping ASAP... which should be tomorrow but might be Monday, unfortunately. I hate being slow about stuff like that, but I know for sure I will not be getting a lunch tomorrow, and I'll be at work from the time the PO opens until after it's closed, most likely. Then I'm immediately heading out of town for the weekend.

I'm taking a week or two off from commissions, and then I have a couple lined up (including a local one!). I need to update my commission thread and my website during that time, they've been very neglected.

Also, I have some doll money, and was looking for a Ducan. All of the marketplace ones were priced higher than new and/or were modded, except the one whose seller hasn't answered my PM, so I gave up and committed to buy a body that MAY sort of work for my El head. Not an hour later one of the Ducan sellers PM'd me that she'd lowered her price. That really sucks a lot.

I really should be packing for the weekend. Actually, I should have already packed and should be in bed by now. Off to finish up.


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