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Peru in about 12 hours!

 I leave in about 12 hours! Well, I'll leave the HOUSE in 12 hours. The flight isn't until early afternoon. But this time tomorrow I'll be on a flight to Lima, Peru! Then the next day on to Iquitos, and then upriver to a jungle camp.

I'm kind of a little nervous. Not about the flying - I like takeoffs and find the rest like riding a bus but more boring - but about the whole trip in general. Not speaking the language, being with a group of people I mostly don't know at all, heat, bugs, food, sleep, etc.

I'm all packed, except like 2 things. I need to put a few things on my ipod for the trip, and get some cleaning up done around the house, and then I'm ready to go.

So nervous. For no good reason.

I hope the 4 camera batteries last the whole week. I hope I don't lose anything. I hope I don't get sick or hurt. I hope I don't piss off any of the other people in the group.

OMG. Peru. Tomorrow.

I hope I can sleep tonight.