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It's too late to go around and post my whole pirate crew everywhere tonight (I got new "portraits" of them tonight), I will do that tomorrow - but for now a quick pic of all my pirates together!

If it's cutting off the right side of the pic click here for the full one.

left to right, standing in back - Marley (Withdoll Juwel), Jack (MNF Breakaway on DZ body), Ruth (MNF Scar Shiwoo on Souldoll body), Fitch (DZ Xi-Aleister)
on the floor - Jester (MNF Karsh) and Kestrel (MNF Seorin)
in the chair - Samuel (Dollmore Suntan Pado), the captain of this misfit crew

New doll!

Probably the last for a long time, he took up ALL my doll money and things are getting increasingly tight around here financially. I might be able to put away birthday and tax return money for a body for one of the floating heads or something, but there's not going to be much doll purchasing in 2011 I think. But this guy is awesome, and I'm glad I got him!

More photos!Collapse )


Woohoo!!!!! Just finished and validated, and downloaded my certificate! I wasn't sure I could do it, but I did. I'm going to keep working on the story, it's not near finished yet.

But wow, over 50,000 words! I'm amazed.

NaNoWriMo Progress!

I'm doing pretty well so far! 13046 words total, I wrote a LOT today. I'm trying to keep ahead of what's actually required so I'll be more likely to finish even if there are days like Friday where I don't meet my goal. It's not all written in order, so I'll have to rearrange and combine things later, but with Scrivener that's a simple drag & drop operation so no biggie. I'd have given up on day 1 if I'd had to use a word processor. I don't even HAVE a word processing app since my OpenOffice stopped working a while back. I realized today that the guy my main character is supposed to meet soon is actually a pretty huge part of the story, and I'm probably going to need to work in some early chapters of him before they meet so it will make sense, so I wrote a scene for him today.

What started out as a non-doll-character story has turned out to have 3 current dolls and one on the wishlist in it so far, and I know what doll the protagonist would be if I were to dollify her. Oh well. Whatever works! It helps me to know what the characters look like, at least.

Trying to post a widget, hope it works:

And yay for falling back! Extra hour in the day is awesome. I always say I'm going to use it to sleep extra but never do. But today I slept ridiculously late already so maybe I'll use it for cleaning, or for writing, or something.



I have never written anything more than posts and assigned essays and things like that, and this is a BUSY month, yet I just signed up for NaNoWriMo. God help me.

I'm up to 3101 words, so not too far behind for starting a day late. I have a very bare outline, but may end up having to splice it with an outline for a story I had in mind previously that I never started.

I suspect this is going to suck royally, but at least I'm writing!

Happy Halloween!

Fitch and his (former) crewmate George relaxed and enjoyed watching me run around and light all the Halloween decorations this afternoon. Devon helped hand out candy to the small handful of trick-or-treaters we got, but I didn't take a pic of him guarding the M&M's and Skittles.

Some crappy pics of the decorationsCollapse )

New doll!

Well, OK... just the head. Minifee Rheia sleeping head, to be exact. I'm glad to finally have Cecily here! She's a minor but important character for my group - a part of neither crew, but a childhood friend of Sam, Crow and Finn. She's always been friends with Finn, but Sam and Crow's rivalry started over her. She's that perfect girl who makes good grades, is beautiful, graceful, popular but kind of "apart" from everyone, and who every guy is after and most girls want to hate except she's actually nice and not really snobby so you'd feel bad hating her.

On DoA

On Resinality

X-posted on Red Shoelacers and my LJ. There's getting to be too many places to post stuff!
...and it already had a head on it (was cheaper after shipping than the headless bodies for sale, which all seemed to be in Europe, and now she can re-sell the head). She tried to take the head off by herself without help, and eventually succeeded... in unstringing the whole doll. I am going to have to go over and do an emergency re-string this evening, I guess. I'm hoping she didn't scratch the head up trying to get it off, and I'm going to volunteer to take it and give it a new fresh faceup before she sells it, if she wants. It's an El. LOVE Els.

On another note I just took a couple weeks off from faceups, but am starting back in a week or so. I'm full up at the moment (taking a limited number due to my sister's upcoming wedding) but am looking forward to doing them. I have a couple minor things to do for my own dolls, but no full faceups for them right now.

HERE's a picture I took of my sis in her wedding dress. (Jeremy, if you find this DON'T LOOK!)

She wants me to bring my Puki to her wedding. I keep wondering what the heck I'd do with her. Tie her to my bouquet? Perch her on my head? The flower girl is barely 2, so tying her to the basket is out. I thought about the ring bearer's pillow, but that might be too obvious a place. 


Work has been totally insane. The first two days of the week I was the only one in my department (like all last week) so I expected it - but it didn't let up when my co-worker came back. I've taken lunch ONCE this week, and that only because I absolutely had to go to the post office that day. Every job that's come in has been big, complicated, and/or a rush job... and there's another major rush job coming in piecemeal that will have to be done next week. I'm glad we're busy, it's just a little frustrating having barely any time to breathe.

On the plus side, all my current faceup commissions are DONE! Half are shipped, half are shipping ASAP... which should be tomorrow but might be Monday, unfortunately. I hate being slow about stuff like that, but I know for sure I will not be getting a lunch tomorrow, and I'll be at work from the time the PO opens until after it's closed, most likely. Then I'm immediately heading out of town for the weekend.

I'm taking a week or two off from commissions, and then I have a couple lined up (including a local one!). I need to update my commission thread and my website during that time, they've been very neglected.

Also, I have some doll money, and was looking for a Ducan. All of the marketplace ones were priced higher than new and/or were modded, except the one whose seller hasn't answered my PM, so I gave up and committed to buy a body that MAY sort of work for my El head. Not an hour later one of the Ducan sellers PM'd me that she'd lowered her price. That really sucks a lot.

I really should be packing for the weekend. Actually, I should have already packed and should be in bed by now. Off to finish up.


Working on faceups!

I'm in the midst of finishing up some faceups (waiting for MSC to dry)! I'm not sure I'll have photos out to everyone (or even TAKEN) this evening, but tomorrow every head in the house should be photographed and the pics sent for approval by the owners. They are all mostly done... just not quite finished. Good lord this has been a difficult week! I've been working in stages every day and it seems I'm making little progress. But all the photos must go out tomorrow!